Thanks guys, you’re the best. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1u2iTPY

Chicken Marsala / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1toMFy6

Clean lines of controlled destruction. A public display of hubris, announcing to the world that I am Man: master of nature, in charge of his own destiny.
ps I did the yard today.
pps be careful, there’s fire ants & they sting like hell. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1qA6tA1

having a pleasant, afternoon luncheon with my firstborn. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/WB5OlX

This is what I found after it got suspiciously quiet. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1u0pw7w

these little legs sure have grown this past year. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1lxH8X8

this place is unbelievable. 1.1 miles from home. you should be jealous. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1vGhWOP

new biking buddy. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1lhuL1A

best. anniversary. ever. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1pciKu2

Guess who we’re rooting for today? #WorldCup / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1mxTUDt

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