1st wagon ride. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1eakD6Y

Dinner. #yum / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1fZ1rDm

The absurdity of this is not lost on me. #easter / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1gnyqGl

Charlie’s first bike ride. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1jgC6wv

Make no mistake, this is their vacation. We just drove them here. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1ifmnKK

One cool kid. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1oeVSqU

One of these is not like the other… / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1oXNhHU

#metagram / on Instagram http://bit.ly/Pl07FO

Enough tickets for a plastic ring and piece of taffy. This place is the worst. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1fTDvB2

Lent begins today with 7am Ash Wednesday services at @faithbridge / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1i8vSdk

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