new biking buddy. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1lhuL1A

best. anniversary. ever. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1pciKu2

Guess who we’re rooting for today? #WorldCup / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1mxTUDt

'Merica / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1qFpp1c

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world! / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1r0sfO2

#badboys / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1pGCCGu

Is this dishwasher safe? / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1oqjgWu

Look at this. There was a time when eating a calzone by myself while watching Hunt For Red October on basic cable was a pretty eventful Friday night. What other proof of God’s grace do you need? / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1hoXNdw

Me gusta guacamole. / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1ncFZC7

Left our mark at dinner today. #yikes / on Instagram http://bit.ly/1oGFCSn

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